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OUT&ABOUT: A relaxing weekend at the Kimana Sanctuary

Kimana House: A wide veranda faces the lawn out front, and a path winds to a shaded seating area by the river — which we found to be an ideal sundowner spot. 


the kenyan camper - Kimana Sanctuary – Does Size Really Matter? (Part 1)

Size can be an extremely relative affair. Trying to thread a needle? The piece of string might as well be a tree trunk. Attempting to tell the story of your country one travel article at a time? You might as well be a grain of sand on a beach. Conservation, just like any other industry, is not immune from lure of the larger, sexy projects but if you dig a little deeper it’s interesting just how some of the smaller conservation areas play a much larger role than one would think. So does size really matter? I’m in to find out.


the kenyan camper - Kimana Sanctuary – Does Size Really Matter? (Part 2)

In the previous article I endeavored to illustrate how such a small conservation area like Kimana Sanctuary can play such a vital role in the larger scheme of things. I hope I got my point across. It should therefore come as no surprise that in addition to everything I experienced while camping out with Peter there was a lot more in store in the coming days. This is that story.



Wandering around the beautiful, now-renovated four rooms of Kimana House, it is hard to believe that at the turn of 2018, it was still a dark and dreary space with ghastly tinted windows and a questionable choice of paint.